Chemistry on the Coast



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Themed symposia:

  • 150th Anniversary of the Periodic Table

  • Actinide Chemistry

  • Applications of Mass Spectrometry for Drug Discovery and Precision Medicine

  • Aquatic Biogeochemistry

  • Astrochemistry in the Southeast and Beyond

  • Bio-based and Bio-Inspired Polymers and Composites

  • Biodegradable Polymers: Recent innovations and Applications

  • Biocatalysis

  • Chemical Education: Creating a Culture of Assessment

  • Chemical Tools for probing biological functions

  • Chemistry at 2 year colleges

  • Computational Chemistry Applied to Interesting Problems

  • Coordination Chemistry

  • Cure Chemistry research in lab

  • F-element coordinations and comparisons

  • Frontier Research in Polymer Science

  • Geochemistry

  • History of Chemistry

  • Homogeneous Catalysis in Water

  • Mechanistic Enzymology

  • Microwave Chemistry

  • Nanophotonics for Chemical Sensing and Modified Chemistry

  • Organic Chemistry in Fluorescence Microscopy

  • Plastics and Microplastics in the Environment

  • Polymer Chemistry

  • Polymeric theranostic agents: materials for next generation diagnostic testing and therapeutic treatments

  • Polymers at Interfaces

  • Recent Advances in Green Metal Nanoparticle Synthesis and Applications

  • REU and McNair Scholars

  • Smart Polymer Materials and Coatings

  • Spectroscopic Imaging: Bridging the gap between chemical and spacial heterogeneity

  • Structure-based Drug Design

  • Well-Defined Supramolecular Materials

  • X-ray Diffraction in the Southeast

General Sessions:

  • Organic Chemistry

  • Inorganic Chemistry

  • Analytical Chemistry

  • Physical Chemistry

  • Biochemistry