Chemistry on the Coast



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Themed symposia:


  • Applications of Mass Spectrometry for Drug Discovery and Precision Medicine - organized by Jeremiah Tipton

  • Fermentation Chemistry - organized by Zack Davis

  • Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry: Adding a New Dimension to -Omics Analysis - organized by Christopher Chouinard

  • Spectroscopic Imaging: Bridging the gap between chemical and spacial heterogeneity - organized by Ayanjeet Ghosh



Chemical Education

  • Cure Chemistry Research in Lab - organized by Arthur Sikora

  • Incorporating Primary Literature into the Curriculum - organized by Laura Strausberg

  • Incorporating Research into the Analytical Curriculum - organized by Gretchen Potts and Chris Dockery

  • Project Seed - organized by Ajay Mallia and Douglas Masterson

  • Undergraduate Research Experiences: The Power of Quality Mentorship and Programming - organized by Karelle Aiken


  • Diversity and Inclusion: Minority Serving Organizations; Opportunities: Scholarships, Fellowships, and Internships; Experiences and Diversity Initiatives - organize by Ryan Groom

  • Relating Research to Community - organized by Karla Sue Marriott

  • WCC: Modern issues for women in chemistry - organized by Sarah Zingales


  • Advances in connecting structure, dynamics, and functions of macromolecules using computational methods - organized by Neville Forlemu

  • Astrochemistry in the Southeast and Beyond - organized by Ryan Fortenberry

  • Computational Chemistry Applied to Interesting Problems - organized by George Shields



  • Advancements in Environmental Chemistry - organized by Vasileios Anagnostopoulos

  • Plastics and Microplastics in the Environment - organized by Jay Brandes

  • Understanding Coastal Environments through Toxicological Applications and Tools - organized by Eric Gato


History of Chemistry



  • Patent Law For Chemists: What You Need To Know - organized by April Weisbruch


  • Nanophotonics for Chemical Sensing and Modified Chemistry - organized by Josh Caldwell



  • New Forms of Carbon: Fullerenes, Metallofullerenes, Nanotubes, and Graphene - organized by Harry Dorn

  • Recent Advances in Green Metal Nanoparticle Synthesis and Applications - organized by Beverly Penland

  • Synthesis and Applications of Novel Nanocatalysts - organized by John Stone



Two year colleges

  • Chemistry at 2 year colleges - organized by Jordan Kiser

General Sessions:

  • Organic Chemistry - organized by Giuseppe Gumina

  • Inorganic Chemistry - organized by Will Lynch

  • Analytical Chemistry - organized by Catherine McKenas

  • Physical Chemistry - organized by Cliff Padgett

  • Biochemistry - organized by Tom Leeper

  • Undergraduate - organized by Mitch Weiland

  • Chemical Education - organized by Suazette Mooring

  • High School Chemistry - organized by Lea Padgett and Cathy MacGowan